'DOG’S BREAKFAST explores the artist’s lived experiences of growing up as a multiracial woman on the regional coast of Australia. The exhibition explores Burmese and Australian cultural practices through themes of religion, sport, self expression and identity.'

a solo exhibition by Shân Primrose

'Self Portrait 1', Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 150cm

'Self Portrait 2 (Chimera)', Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 150cm

'Road Tripping', Acrylic and marker on paper (Framed), 75cm x 110cm

'Racism and Sexism is so last season (Footy Banner)', Mixed media tapestry, 120cm x 300cm

'Dog's Breakfast', Digital Print (Framed), 60cm x 90cm

'Narana', Acrylic on Surfboard, 50cm x 180cm, SOLD

'My place', Acrylic on wood (Framed), 60cm x 90cm, SOLD

'Magic School Bus', Acrylic on wood (Framed), 60 x 90cm, SOLD

'Nat Shrine', Recycled timber, aerosol, painted goon sack, pegs, wire, glitter, beer can, plastic jug, beer bottle, rhinestones, native flowers, fairy lights, cigarettes, fresh fruit, public offerings, 30cm x 40cm x 65cm